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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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[ music ] ♪ keep what you got until you get what you need ♪ the godfather of go-go, a founding father of the modish d.c -- modern d.c. music scene. chuck brown. he captured the pulse of the street and the beat of the drum. a beat that make a chuck brown show part carnival, part love affair between audience and band. tonight we remember the band leader. >> his passing is a sad moment, but this broadcast will not be a wake. it will be a celebration of a man that gave sows much that despite his absence, will live touched by everyone. >> brown died of multiple organ
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failure due to sepsis. >> he was treated at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. he was admitted earlier this month after complaining of arthritis and doctors found blood clots in his legs. the clots were removed but brown came down with pneumonia while hospitalized. we have team coverage as we celebrate the life of one of our area's truly most beloved musicians. >> here is bruce johnson with a lot more on the legacy of chuck brown. >> reporter: we're outside the historic howard theater. chuck brown couldn't be here for the grand opening some weeks ago. he is here tonight in spirit. hundreds if not thousands gather to give chuck a d.c. send-off. >> we lost a great one. so we got to celebrate his life. and his legacy. >> i love chuck brown. i have been listening to him all my life. every school dance. [ music ] >> reporter: vincent gray says he may open the washington convention center for chuck brown's funeral. >> he was a great human being and a good friend of mine. >> reporter: tributes are
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pouring in from the high and mighty to the low. >> he flew off the covers and made people understand we are a lot more than a governing town. >> the city is going to party hard for him tonight. he really probably would tell the city to party hard. this is a devastating loss. >> got a grammy nomination. >> oh, my god. unbelievable. ♪ that's what we said >> reporter: chuck brown was 75. he began performing back in the 1960s. by the '70s when the rest of the country was deep into discoe, d.c. had its own percussion driven sound called go-go. ♪ busting loose >> reporter: chuck's biggest hit busting loose soared up the charts in 1978. even today it's played on every d.c. radio station. ♪ i want to play ♪ whatever you say . >> reporter: chuck brown's live concerts were a family affair.
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>> he embodied who we are, what we do, how we feel about our community. >> he is the true definition of d.c. culture. >> of course from d.c., you have to be a chuck brown fan. [ music ] >> how are you going to remember chuck brown? >> well, just like right now, i'm just enjoying every minute of -- of being on this planet. >> probably don't even have a permit for this and no idea how long it's going to go on or how many people are coming down. but for chuck brown you really don't need a permit. somebody once said that chuck brown is to d.c. what elvis is to memphis. back to you. >> bruce, thank you. although brown is gone, you could still hear his music pounding from area nightclubs tonight. >> as generations of musicians he influenced demonstrated yet again the impact he had on the d.c. sound. gary is live on ninth street where you didn't have to listen very hard. >> reporter: it's everywhere. the name godfather really was one that was earned when you consider the number of musicians whom chuck brown helped. a long list with a lot of good
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examples. perhaps none better than the band e.u. which is performing right now. [ music ] ♪ say oh . >> reporter: that call and response making the audience part of the performance, gregory sugar barrel yet learned that -- bear elliott learned that call and response from chuck brown. >> he's like the redskins, like the washington monument. >> reporter: when sugar bear and e.u. were kids in '73 chuck brown let them open for him. a big break. even let them use his big amplifier. >> we had enough equipment to put in a grocery cart. >> and then. >> he came and said son you're going to be a star. right then and there i knew i wanted to be like him. i came up playing rock and roll. you know. black sabbath, jimi hendricks. i was a rocker. but then not rock with drugs. rock and roll, ok? then when i met chuck, i knew
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that was my calling >> reporter: when sugar bear got nominated for a grammy, went on soul train. >> he asked me where did my influences come from. the first thing out of my mouth was chuck brown. he said oh, yeah. the godfather. chuck brown was watching that. he called me said he was almost in tears to hear his name out my mouth. i said chuck it came from my heart. >> reporter: chuck brown was still giving kids a break. >> definitely has an imprint on me. all the natives of d.c. and hip hop as a whole. >> reporter: for sugar bear, it was a tough night to perform. >> i know chuck. he would say go it on, man. keep it going. that's why i'm here. you know, and every time we play, you best believe you going to hear some chuck brown music. forever. love you, man. >> reporter: heartfelt. chuck brown would have wanted the music to go on. sugar bear, e.u., every performance for the rest of the year dedicated to chuck brown.
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anita. >> thanks, gare. once that go-go sound hits the streets of washington there was no going back. the music scene here would never be the same. >> no question. but what was it about the same that washingtonians adored even as the rest of america barely noticed? ken picks up that end op of tribute to chuck brown live in forestville, maryland. >> reporter: yeah guys. w.b.g.c. put together this meeting of chuck brown fans out here. they're out here parked listening to go-go music. music that earlier today two of washington's most popular radio d.j.'s explained to me. >> reporter: no doubt about it. there's nothing out there that sounds like go-go. >> go-go is a powerful-sounding music. >> it was a gumbo. sound. >> it's symbolic of the av canned sound with the congos, with the drums. all percussion ary measures, the cow bell sound. it gives a really shall i say
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eclectic to the ears. >> reporter: easy street and d.j. rico put the genre in perspective. they say in the late '60s and early '70s washington was thirsting for its own musical sound. the nation's capitol fell in love with chuck brown and go- go. >> i think it was the drums, and them timbolis with the african found, hit us in our spirit. when he produced the whole sound, and cultivated it and pushed it further, it just became the sound of the city. >> reporter: like the people of washington it was fluentsed by culture -- influenced by cultures all over the world. something chuck brown was very proud of. >> he talked about the latin influence and the african influence with the call and response. talk to the crowd, put the mike out to the crowd. say that's african. >> reporter: it can't be pegged on any one particular influence. the only thing exclusive to go- go is that this man will forever be known as its godfather. >> the music and spirit he had will continue to live on forever and ever through his
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music. >> reporter: you know, the chuck brown fans out here say although today is an absolutely sad day for them, they're dealing with his passing by celebrating his life, rather than mourning his loss. live in forestville, 9 news now. >> sadness to celebration. i like that, ken. as you may have gathered by now, chuck brown's connection with washington, d.c. goes way, way back. heck, even derek can't remember it all. >> well, i can remember from the age of 12, anita. 19 71s. that's when chuck brown's old band the soul searchers had all of us trying to sing along to a record called we, the people. [ music ] ♪ when are we the people going to be able to live together. ♪ ever one can be easier than lifting a feather ♪ >> did you hear that? that's chuck's unique voice and the beginning of his distinction i have poly rhythmic grouf which would be in full go-go swing seven years
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later when chuck brown and the soul searchers were busting loose. that was the genre's only major national hit, but so what? that just meant go-go music and the man who spawned it would be a d.c. thing. nothing wrong with that, especially when chuck brown managed to keep the music alive across the years and the generations, by re inventing his sound. cross pollinating it with theme from the godfather or moody's mood for love. it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. that's right. chuck brown figured out a way to do go-go for grown ups. i had the pleasure of introducing chuck on stage at the safeway barbecue battle a couple years ago. we chatted back stage. he was humble, gracious and owned that crowd from the very first note. pretty amazing stuff. but remember, the feeling was mutual. chuck brown belonged to us, too. we'll be right back. [ music ♪ keep what you got until you get what you need y'all ♪
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♪you got to give a lot just to get what you need sometimes, y'all ♪
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income taxes are about to go up for some people in maryland.
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>> the house of delegates voted 70-60 today to make it happen, raising income taxes on single filers who made more than $100,000, and joint filers who make $150,000 in taxable income a year. the vote ends a special session that began on monday. governor martin o'malley will likely sign the bill into law next week. president obama presented congressional leaders with a to do list today. it includes tax breaks for small companies which hire more workers, or give raises to existing employees. the conversation then turned to the debt ceiling. g.o.p. leaders say they won't raise the debt limit without corresponding spending cuts. >> where's the president's plan to tackle our looming debt crisis. where is the budget -- where is the president's plan? to stop the largest tax increase in american history from occurring on january 1? >> the democrats and the president are pushing for new tax revenue to be part of a budget deal. republicans resisting any tax increase. white house spokesman jay
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carney says we will not recreate the debt ceiling de back ill that plagued us last summer. tomorrow, closing arguments in the trial of john edwards, the former democratic presidential candidate is accused of breaking campaign finance laws using campaign cash as hush money to cover up an affair. the defense wrapped up its case today, insisting the so-called hush money was not for the campaign, but instead, was a gift from an edwards supporter. more now on that controversial database of names and salaries of many federal workers including their bonuses. the government paid out more than $439 million in bonuses last year. some workers got as much as $62,000. before this story even aired on 9 news now, the discussion of bonuses for federal workers was happening on capitol hill. republican congressman dennis roth chairs the house oversight committee on the federal workforce and is considering a hearing. >> i think we have to bring to the table and have as witnesses those supervisors who oversee the authorization of these
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bonuses and find out why they're given. >> only about 1 in 10,000 federal workers would qualify for one of those large $62,000 bonuses. well, seems easier than shooting fish in a barrel. running an audit and turning a up spending sprees paid for with our tax dollars. check out this into travel intenses for board members of the metropolitan washington airport. $238 for two bottles over wine. $4800 for dinner in hawaii for board members and their guests. 9200 spent by one board member on a trip to prague. another spent $4800 flying to hawaii and florida. >> we went to prague, we went to hawaii? who spent $238 on wine? >> yeah. i believe -- i don't know that personally. when you're explaining you're loosing and the approach i'm taking is we need to aggressively address these items. >> the airport's authority oversees national and dulles and construction of metro's new silver line in northern
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virginia. transportation secretary ray lahood characterizes the audit findings as problems of the past that should not affect progress on the silver line. the importance tonight of cracking down on teenage drinking and drug use. the event sponsored by the montgomery county council of parent teacher's association health and safety committee. the mission? raise awareness about this growing community problem which underscores a national epidemic. 9 wants you to know about a unique program for troubled teens designed to help get their lives back on track. it's called reset and as andrea shows us, it uses some pretty unconventional strategies. >> anybody know the effect of cocaine on your heart? it enlarges it. it makes it hard. >> on an ordinary friday night, teenagers are spending part of it in a morgue. >> it can be the cause of an early death. >> reporter: this is no ordinary program. we'll return to the morgue in a moment. but first [ sirens ]
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>> just calm down. >> grab this for me, please. >> reporter: the visit to the chester river hospital's operating room. >> it's so horrifying to us. can't even comprehend what it's like for the family members. >> reporter: the teenagers are in scrubs but nothing can prepare them for the night ahead. >> did he overdose on drugs? you going to get one of these in the emergency room, awake. in your stomach. then they'll pump you out with charcoal to get rid of the badness. >> reporter: if that didn't make an impression, this did. a sample of liquid charcoal. it's used to help absorb potentially damaging toxins in patients who overdose on drugs or alcohol. >> all right. >> you don't want to taste this don't come in. go ahead. >> this is the only time we want you to see the inside of a trauma room, ok? >> this is your brother. this is your cousin. guess what? he died right here. >> about this time of year, prom and graduation time. >> reporter: the operating room visit was just a glimpse of things to come. >> nobody knows what this is?
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>> chocolate? >> yeah. it goes up >> that's that balloon i was telling you about. >> we don't want it to fall out. pull it. who thinks this will hurt? guy or girl? it will hurt. >> reporter: the next stop a crash course in backboards and neck braces. and other medical equipment the teens never want to experience. >> if you overdose on pills, pill fragments are not going to come out this. we use what's called a tummy vac. >> eww. >> eww. >> reporter: the final stop of the night, the morgue. the teens get a rare look at an autopsy table. >> there are hearts. there's a lung, there's a liver. >> ah. >> reporter: a brain. >> and a chance to handle organs that are stored here for educational purposes. >> eww! >> eww! rope andrea mckaren, 9 news now. >> the visit to the morgue and hospital, just one element of the four-night reset program. and although many of the
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teenagers are referred by the court system or their own parents, the class is available to anybody under the age of 21 for a small fee. now, the thing that made the biggest impression on those young people, it's one of these. this is what they call a body bag. more information, please go to look under the 9 wants you to know tab. >> ok. powerful stuff. let's talk about nice weather. >> 84 today. we'll lose some degrees tomorrow. but we can afford to do that. it's going to be ok. >> it is? >> a live look outside. brought to you by michael and son. a very comfortable night, still 72. the front is to our west. slower than the forecast but it will go through overnight. winds right now out of the south at 5, they will turn and become northerly after the front goes through and the pressure steady, to 9.93 inches of mercury. satellite picture and radar combined you can see where the front is. mostly showers and storms in pennsylvania but a few clouds back into cumberland and towards hagerstown and back into the panhandle of maryland.
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a few clouds also up to the north from virginia. we're going to clear out or at least partially clear overnight. still looking at a fantastic day tomorrow, but the front a little bit be hound schedule. a cool start tomorrow, maybe a light jacket. temps in the 50s in the burbs. if not tomorrow morning, you'll need the jacket for friday morning. need your sunglasses for sure. a strong finish to the week. really nice thursday and friday, and guess what? the weekend looks good, too. we have the 117th running of the preakness on saturday. looks fantastic. and we also have the air show at andrews saturday and sunday open to the public. that also looks fantastic. overnight we'll say a partial clearing, breezy and cooler. low temperatures, 52 to about 62. winds will become northerly, at about 10 to 15. when the front goes through. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and pleasant. grab your shades, 50s and 60s, winds north/northeast at about 10. by afternoon, a great day. mostly sunny, cooler, yes, but really actually average. and just beautiful, high temps
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around 75 and the winds out of the northeast at about 10. we'll break it down. 53 to 63 to start. upper 60s to low 70s by noon and low to mid 70s by evening. just great. now the next three days it gets even better if it can. friday pure sun 76. saturday the preakness and the air show, 80 degrees with sunshine. the next seven days -- by the way, may sun remember is equal to july sun. put the sunscreen on this weekend, you will not feel yourself getting burned because it's not that hot and not humid. great on sunday, too. back into the low 80s. right around 80 again on monday. maybe a shower or thunderstorm on tuesday. and then we're back in the upper 70s on wednesday. that, my friend, is a nice looking -- >> we're going to soak this stuff up. >> remember last week the seven- day was cloudy and rainy and nasty about this time? >> was it? >> this is pay back. >> we don't go that far, do we? only seven-day. not 14. >> ok. never mind. >> never mind. let us get into sports,
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because i hear that the nationals may have one or two good pitchers in year. >> just a few. just a couple. one, two, maybe five at least st. t. starting rotation. they're one of the best in the national league. tonight geo gonzalez shows us why. stellar on the mound. plus, d.c. united kicking off a home stand as they creep closer to that top spot. sports is next.
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ever since spring training, a lot of great things have been said about the nationals' starting rotation. despite a few minor hick-ups here and there they have continued to be dominant. as of tonight, geo gonzalez and stephen strasburg lead the national league in strikeouts. you'll see why in just a moment, but first, tonight's offense mat bryce harper jacks one towards the score board. close to going out, but just shy. instead he settles for his first career triple. but unfortunately, he gets stranded on third. doesn't come home but still, a good night for bryce. more hot bats in the 6th. adam laroche goes yard directly followed by davey nady.
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here is geo. a season high 10 strikeouts tonight. to jump stephen strasburg for the stop spot. nationals take it 7-4. >> we got some pretty good pitchers over here. you know, when you have that, it keeps the pressure off your defense. orioles not kansas city taking on the royals. top of the 9th o's down one. j.j. hardy with the single to center right. flaherty going to try to score all the way from 2nd. he just beats the throw from jared dyson. what a throw to tie the game. it's 3-3 in the 12th. d.c. united is going through a similar situation as the nationals, in that they have 9 people on their injured list. thankfully they have a long break coming up giving players time to heal. nonetheless, though, united seems to have figured out a way to compensate in the time being. d.c. united hosting the colorado rapids in the 25th
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minute, d.c. united on the rush to wayne de rosario. finishes that one 1-0 d.c. united. second half, ball goes into the box. franco boscovic gets denied. but hamde gets it to go. d.c. united wins 2-0. n.b.a. eastern conference semis, celtics/76ers. series tied at 1 game a piece. boston having no problems tonight. a dominant second half. kevin garnett, 27 points, 13 rebounds, as the celtics pound the 76ers, 107-91. they lead the series 2-1. kevin durant and the thunder hosting the lakers. durant gets by three lakers defenders. horrible defense. on the way to the hoop, it's 51- 48 lakers lead in the 3rd. and finally tonight when you're a you believe baseball stud like bryce harper, you the end to get some special treatment. after hitting his second career home run in as many games tuesday afternoon, he took in some u.f.c. at the patriots cepper the.
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sitting cage side, and hanging there with a playboy play mate. not a bad way to spend your evening. >> guys are like -- >> makes you want to be -- >> who is that? >> makes you want to be a professional baseball player. >> yes, it does. >> and 19. >> and 19. the weather will be good sunday, right in >> perfect. >> i'm playing in a celebrity softball game in bethesda. lorenzo alex dairy, brandon banks, dorsal young. a bunch of redskins, will be playing, too. mark rip pen's daughter will be there. >> glad we have good weather. >> you knock it out. >> i'm one of two girls. i'm going to knock it out of the park. >> don't come back with a black eye.
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and that, our friends, is 9 news for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. >> we leave you now with one more listen to the music of the legendary chuck brown. ♪ and i'll tell you. ♪ got a story right now i want to tell you. ♪ free the people. ♪ got to feed the people. ♪
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